Dear Valued Vendor,

As you know, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a global health emergency and pandemic by the World Health Organization. Our thoughts are with you during this difficult and unprecedented time.

As always, the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, customers, vendors, and communities at-large remain our daily focus. We are continuously updating our best practices and adopting new guidance from appropriate governmental and health agencies and officials, including, for example, cancellations of events, instituting remote work policies and travel restrictions, updating business continuity and preparedness plans, and employing heightened cleaning, health, safety, and hygiene practices at our locations and for our personnel. We, of course, expect that you are taking all appropriate measures as well.

With that said, as a supplier of essential goods and services, our goal is to remain open throughout this pandemic in order to safely and securely support the supply of such goods and services across the economy. We trust that you, too, are working tirelessly and doing everything in your control to stay informed and ahead of changes in the supply chain so that we can all do our part to navigate and mitigate the impacts of this pandemic over the weeks and months ahead. To be clear, we are relying on you, our valued vendor, to do everything possible to mitigate the impacts of this pandemic and to help ensure the continued supply of essential goods and services where they are needed most.

Now, perhaps more than ever, constant and transparent communication is absolutely critical. There may be instances where we must modify or cancel existing orders to account for revised needs, project changes, impacted timelines, or other unforeseeable events resulting from this force majeure event. Accordingly, please do everything possible to keep us timely and fully informed of, and to ensure we can mitigate, all known and anticipated impacts to your company, inventories, prior commitments, schedules, services, and overall supply chain so that we can likewise coordinate with you, our personnel, our customers, and governmental agencies and officials as and when needed.

Although the times are tough, our company remains strong, financially stable and operationally sound, and as we emerge from this crisis, we will be your distributor of choice. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and we wish you and everyone around you health and safety during these challenging times.

Capital Electric