Energy Solutions Group

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Improve Lighting Quality While Reducing Expenses

Our Energy Solutions improve lighting quality for our customers while significantly reducing operating expenses. Through our services, contractor customers are able to develop additional revenue streams while allowing them the ability to offer their customers a professionally designed project. End user customers are able to significantly reduce their maintenance expenses and building operating costs. Our ESG team will provide you with unparalleled attention, service and selection.
Our team can provide the following services for lighting and lighting controls:

Assist in Qualifying Opportunity

Facility Energy Survey/Audit

A qualified ESG team member will perform a site visit to gather information on the existing system, operating hours, utility information and other technical aspects of the lighting.  We will sit down with facilities personnel to determine current and future lighting.

Energy Efficient Product Specification

We evaluate the many lighting and lighting control options and can make multiple recommendations, depending on budget, scope, and timeline.

Savings Analysis

For a Contractor, our team will create a savings analysis with a bill of material.  The contractor can then add their labor and mark up to the analysis, and a new document will be created including a new proposal with the revised price and pay back information.

Proposal Generation

For an End User, our proposal includes the savings analysis, utility rebate information, environmental impact and all product cut sheets.

Rebate Calculations and Submittal

The ESG Rebate Manager will complete and submit all necessary utility rebate paperwork on behalf of the end user or contractor.

Project Management

Our team also provides dedicated project management services for Turnkey Retrofit projects. This includes assisting with preconstruction meetings, progress meetings, material releases, installation schedules, post-installation audits and all rebate and warranty submittals.


ESG will also coordinate recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous lighting waste. This includes providing all necessary recycling certificates for lamps and ballasts.

Partner With Capital Electric For Energy Solutions

Our Energy Solutions Group partners with our customers to improve the quality and efficiency of lighting, while significantly reducing building operating costs. We offer a wide range of solutions for installation, disposal and financing all of which include high quality professional designs, energy audits and payback analyses. Our Lighting Experts will provide you with the best possible light source for your particular task, while remaining focused on the long-term maintenance costs. This will result in higher quality lighting with reduced maintenance costs per square foot.

Cost Effective Energy Products

We offer a complete line of lighting and electrical products for one-stop shopping. We cost effectively select products and services by providing product cross references, on-site evaluations and new product demonstrations. Our knowledgeable specialists can easily provide you with product specifications, pricing, availability, configuration and technical support so that you get what you need, when you need it. We are committed to providing you with the most cost effective system solutions by working together.
Our longevity and reputation have allowed Capital Electric to develop special relationships with industry leading manufacturers as well as partnerships with reputable installers for Turnkey projects. As a Capital Electric customer, you will benefit from these well-forged relationships.

For More Information

If you are interested in working with Capital Electric's Energy Solutions Group, please email or contact your local Capital Electric Account Representative.