Prefabrication Services

Contractors are continually looking for ways to improve job site efficiency and properly align skilled resources to meet tight commercial construction project deadlines. PRE-formance™ delivers the pre-engineered and pre-assembled combination of mounting method, outlet box, plaster ring, devices and leads to simplify branch wiring installation.

To compete and win project business today, contractors need prefabrication capabilities.

Ever-shortening project deadlines, difficulties in securing qualified labor, limited jobsite staging areas, and increased use of digital integration are transforming project business.

Prefabrication offers you:

  • Help dealing with the shortage of qualified field technicians;
  • Increased field technician productivity;
  • Improved quality;
  • Reduced safety risk;
  • Decreased overall project cost;
  • Improved construction schedule delivery
  • Reduced jobsite trash and scrap;
  • Results in less material handling.

To address the electrical contractor prefabrication project needs, Capital Electric partners with Eaton Crouse-Hinds and the electrical contractor:

  • The Eaton Crouse-Hinds PRE-formance™ team provides the engineering, technical, and prefabrication resources;
  • Capital Electric provides the project planning, logistics and ecommerce capabilities;
  • You, the electrical contractor, provide the customer relationship and in-the-field project planning and technical coordination

PRE-formance™ Prefabrication from Eaton Crouse-Hinds offers a full scope of services from basic assemblies to complete turn-key solutions. The ideal solution for commercial buildings with repetitive installations such as hotels, condominiums, commercial and retail offices, hospitals and apartments. You receive full take-off service, and detailed and coordinated 3D CAD shop drawings. The service results in 30-40% labor savings.

Whether you are just beginning to look for a prefabrication solution or you already have an existing prefabrication shop, the Capital Electric Prefabrication Service has something to offer you.

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You can save 30-40% of your labor costs by utilizing Capital Electric's Prefabrication Services.