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Scan Barcodes for Easy Reordering!

With our mobile app’s Scan Search feature, you can easily scan product barcodes to look up product details, price and availability, or for quick reordering.

Scan and Order Products Easily with Scan Search

Use the barcode scanner by following these steps:

  1. Choose the Scan Search icon on the mobile app home screen.
  2. Scan a barcode on product packaging.
  3. Once scanned, the product detail page will appear where you can view real-time price and availability at all locations, as well as detailed spec sheets and other product info.

From here, you can add this product to your shopping cart or to a list for a later purchase. Contact your local salesperson or Digital Solutions Manager to learn more about how we can tailor this solution to meet your needs. Capital Electric can create labels for your storeroom or truck stock, contact your sales person about how to get started.

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