Rubber insulating gloves are among the most important pieces of personal protective equipment for electrical workers. They are the first line of defense for contact with any energized components.

Ensure your people are completely protected from head-to-toe by complying with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards. Capital Electric offers certified testing services for your rubber insulating gloves and equipment.

It starts by receiving a competitive price and availability by leveraging Capital Electric’s buying power and local stocking inventory.

Testing Process

Capital Electric utilizes the Irby Tool and Safety Testing Lab. This lab is accredited by North American Independent Laboratories (NAIL) for protective equipment testing and is capable of testing with voltages from 500 to 100,000 volts.

  • Gloves cleaned, visually inspected and then dielectrically tested;
  • Testing report follows each individual glove
  • Passed gloves receive re-certification date stamp;
  • Failed gloves are returned with defect noted.

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Irby Tool and Safety Testing Lab

Conducts tests on:

  • Insulating gloves
  • Rubber lines, hose and covers
  • Grounds and jumpers
  • Insulating sleeves
  • Dielectric overshoes
  • Plastic covers
  • Insulating blankets
  • Rubber insulating matting
  • Hot sticks