Capital Electric’s Utility Rebate Services are almost-free money!

How our Utility Rebate Services Work:

Capital Electric cooperates enthusiastically with every electrical utility that serves our local customers. We support available rebate programs from Duke Energy in NC, SC&G and Santee-Cooper in SC, as well as many rural public utilities.

Many of these utilities offer rebates to customers for performing specific energy retrofits, however, what qualifies for a rebate depends on the location. Furthermore, the rebate offerings change over time, and to qualify you have to be aware of the rules. That’s where we can help!

How Utility Rebates Help You:

The utility is willing to help you pay the cost of reducing the amount of electricity you use. Many customers overlook this “almost-free money” and have for years, but Capital Electric is here to help you get your rebates!

We work with reliable suppliers of all the components needed for the utility rebates and can assure you that your project won’t be delayed by availability. You don’t need to know your local power company’s rebate program, and you don’t have to learn all about the electrical products that help you qualify for the rebates. Leave it all up to the team at Capital Electric!

How the Process Works:

Contractors can request a call on behalf of their customers. We are not here to “steal” your customer’s business – we are here to use our expertise to help them. What happens after you call? We will probably recommend an energy audit, and it may be as simple as installing efficient, long-lasting LED lighting in place of ancient fluorescent tubes. We'll do the hard work for you, and did we mention we'll do the rebate paperwork?

Power Company Incentive Program

Capital Electric is a Duke Energy Trade Ally, which allows us to file for customer rebates on a project basis. Filing includes a site audit and purchase of new or retrofit lighting fixtures.

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