One thing is certain for all electrical projects – you are going to deal with wire management and installation.

These areas offer you great opportunities to improve your productivity, efficiency, and profits by installing more wire in less time.

To do this, consider utilizing and leveraging Capital Electric wire services and solutions.

It starts by receiving a competitive price and availability by leveraging Capital Electric’s buying power and local stocking inventory.

Next, the wire must be cut. Utilize Capital Electric's wire cutting service – our wire cutting staff cuts over 28 million feet of electrical wire annually. Capital Electric offers a variety of wire management solutions: Southwire SIMpull reels, mobile narrow A-frame reels, and iTOOLco Roll Jack.

In addition, Capital Electric can install Southwire SIMpull heads prior to shipping the wire to save your field technician time in doing this in the field, and our logistics team delivers this wire when you need it.

The use of wire handling and pulling equipment can save you time and money, and improves your productivity in setting up and pulling wire on the job.

Our Wire Management team has the experience you can rely on for your wire cutting needs: 

Not all services are available at all locations.

For further information on Capital Electric's Service Solutions, contact your local Capital Electric sales representative, or email us at